18 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Justin Bieber

Here are 18 amazing facts about Justin Bieber that you may have never known.
Justin Bieber was born on 1st March 1994.
Justin Bieber's Zodiac sign is Pisces.
On November 13th 2015, Justin released his fourth studio album, Purpose.
In America, Justin Bieber's album, Purpose, sold 522,000 copies in its first week.
Justin Bieber's Facebook fans' grow an average of 207,788 a week.
Justin Bieber can play the drums, guitar, piano, and trumpet.
Justin Bieber sleeps about 6 hours each night due to his busy schedule.
Once Justin Bieber admitted that he cried because of negative comments made about him.
Justin Bieber’s first tweet was at 8:27 pm On 11th May 2009, at 8:27 pm.
In March 2015 Justin Bieber became the youngest ever person to be picked on at a Comedy Central Roast, which was hosted by Kevin Hart.
Justin Bieber's favorite animal is giraffe.
Justin Bieber's parents divorced when he was 11 months old.
Justin appeared in an episode of CSI on 23rd September 2010.
Justin Bieber's favorite color is purple.
Justin Bieber's sister is named Jazmen.
North Korea was put as the lead country that Justin Bieber should tour when the contest to choose the country, was rigged by haters.
Justin Bieber's favorite underwear are D&G.
While filming the One Less Lonely Girl music video, the puppy in the video peed on Justin Bieber.
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