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It takes the same amount of time to age a cigar as wine.
It takes twelve ears of corn to make a tablespoon of corn oil.
It takes up to four hours to hard boil an ostrich egg.
Justin Timberlake's half-eaten french toast sold for over $3,000 on eBay!
Ketchup was sold in the 1830's as medicine.
Less than 3% of the water produced at a large municipal water treatment plant is used for drinking purposes!
Lima beans contain cyanide!
Malaysians protect their babies from disease by bathing them in beer.
Many people in parts of China eat insects. Some common insects are bean worms, scoprions, and locusts.
McDonald's salads contain up to 60% more fat than their burgers!
Milk is heavier than cream.
More than 10% of the world's salt is used to de-ice American roads.
Most alcoholic beverages contain all 13 minerals necessary to sustain human life.
No 2 cornflakes are identical!
Non-dairy creamer is flammable.
On average, a person will spend about five years eating during his or her lifetime.
Onions have no flavor, only a smell.
Over 4.6 million Whopper sandwiches are sold at Burger King every day!
Pancakes are commonly served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Australia.
People in parts of Western China put salt in their tea instead of sugar.
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