Interesting Facts About Tiger Woods That Will Shock You

Here are some interesting facts about Tiger Woods that will have your jaw drop.
Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods was born on December 30, 1975.
Tiger Wood's father was Earl Woods Sr. He was a member of the United States Army and served during the Vietnam War.
Tiger Wood's father introduced him to golf before he was even old enough to walk.
Tiger Wood's mother is Kultida Woods, she is a native to Thailand.
Tiger Wood's parents met in Thailand in 1966, when his father was stationed there.
During a television appearance on The Mike Douglas Show in 1978, Tiger Woods putted against comedian Bob Hope.
Tiger Woods shot a 48 over nine holes over Cypress Navy course when was just three years old.
Tiger Woods enrolled at Stanford in 1994 under a golf scholarship.
When Tiger Woods was between the ages of 16 and 17, he grew so quickly that he had to change club lengths twice.
Tiger Woods personally wrote 200 letters of apology to the guests of the 1996 dinner at which he was to receive the award for top college golfer.
Tiger became the youngest golfer to reach 50 victories by age 30.
Tiger Woods owns a 150-foot yacht called Privacy.
In 2010, Tiger Woods donated $3 million to Haitian earthquake relief.
Tiger Woods believes in the teachings of Buddhism.
Some of Tiger Woods favorite foods are McDonald's cheeseburgers and Taco Bell.
Tiger Woods went into therapy to focus on his family and marriage.
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