Fun Facts About Kid Rock And The Start Of His Career

Find out about Kid Rock and the start of his career.
Kid Rock was born January 17, 1971 in Romeo, Michigan.
In 1998, Kid Rock's sixth album sold 11 million copies.
Kid Rock's name is Robert James Ritchie.
Two of his albums were too dirty to play on the radio, they were The Polyfuze Method (1993) and Early Mornin' Stone Pimp (1996).
Kid Rock dated actress Pamela Anderson in 2001.
Kid Rock and Pamela got engaged in April of 2002 but ended the relationship in 2003.
In 2006, Pamela and Kid Rock reunited and got married but filed for divorce 4 months later.
Kid Rock was arrested after a fight outside a Waffle House in Atlanta in October 2007.
Kid Rocks music is part old school rap, part metal rock.
Kid Rocks childhood chores at home included mowing the lawn, picking apples from the family orchard, and feeding the horses.
Kid Rock described his father as a workaholic and a distant father who never approved of Kid's music interest, not until Kid became successful did his father approve.
As Kid Rock became older, he started getting interested in break dancing and listening to hip hop records.
Kid Rock stood out a party, being that he was the only white kid there, so the Dj let him join in.
Kid Rock self-taught himself to scratch so well that at a party the DJ offered him a job to DJ in the Detroit suburb of Mt. Clemens.
Kid Rock saved up enough money from picking apples that he was able to upgrade his DJ equipment and added rapping to his DJ shows.
Kid Rock became popular around Detroit and in turn, some local dealers helped finance a demo tape as long as their names were mentioned in the songs.
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