Crazy Interesting Facts About Bob Marley That You Could Never Imagine

Very interesting facts about Bob Marley and how he became famous.
Bob Marley was born with the name Robert Nesta Marley.
Bob Marley was born February 6, 1945, in Nine Miles, Saint Ann, Jamaica.
Bob Marley died of cancer on May 11, 1981 in Miami Florida but was buried in Nine Miles, Saint Ann, Jamaica.
Bob Marley was a Reggae singer, songwriter, and guitarist.
Bob Marley was the first Third World artist to rise from poverty to a superstar.
If it weren't for Bob Marley, reggae music may have remained in Jamaica's ghettos where it originated.
Bob Marley was a heroic figure to the poor everywhere because of his consistent call for political change.
Cedella Malcolm had Bob Marley when she was just under 19 years old.
Bob Marley's north was a result of the affair her mother had with his father, Norval Marley, the local overseer of crown lands in the rural parish where she lived.
Bob Marley's father was a white man over twice his mother's age and married her to make the birth legitimate.
Bob Marley's father left to Kingston to accept a post, the day after his parent's wedding. He and his mother did not see his father for several years.
When Bob Marley reached the age of 5, his father reached out to his mother and requested to send their son to Kingston where he would place him in school. His mother agreed and sent him there.
Rather than Bob Marley's father sending him to school, he abandoned him at an elderly ladies house where he had to fend for himself in Jamaica's ghettos known as the world's most dangerous.
Bob Marley grew up in an environment of violent crime, where is was praised and a way to get ahead in life, music was also an alternative to getting ahead.
Bob Marley and his best friend Bunny dreamed of becoming recording stars and spent most of their days trying to come up with songs and practicing them with guitars made of bamboo.
Bob Marley married Alpharita Constantia Anderson "Rita", in Kingston, Jamaica, on 10 February 1966.
Bob Marley had several children, three with his wife Rita, two adopted from Rita's previous marriage, and then several others from 7 other women.
Bob Marley started out in 1963 with the group The Wailers.
Bob Marley's first group disbanded in 1974, from there he pursued a career solo as he relocated in England that lead to the release of the album Exodus in 1977.
Bob Marley's album, Exodus, sold over 75 million records and established his reputation worldwide as being the world's best-selling artists of all time.
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