33 Interesting Facts About Cats

Learn some new facts about cats!
There are 88 million pet cats and 74 million dogs in the United States making cats the most popular pet.
There are some cats who are known to survived falls from over 32 stories onto concrete.
There are over 20 muscles that control a cat's ears.
70% of a cat's lives are spent sleeping.
A cat ran for mayor of Mexico City in 2013.
Owning a cat can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by a third.
Owning a cat can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by a third.
The world’s largest cat measured 48.5 inches long.
Evidence suggests domesticated cats have been around since 3600 B.C., 2,000 years before Egypt’s pharaohs.
Similarly, the frequency of a domestic cat’s purr is the same at which muscles and bones repair themselves.
Adult cats only meow to communicate with humans.
The world’s richest cat is worth $13 million after his human passed away and left her fortune to him.
Cats are often lactose intolerant.
Female cats are usually right-pawed while male cats are usually left-pawed.
Cats make more than 100 different sounds whereas dogs make around 10.
Cats and humans have nearly identical sections of the brain that control emotion.
Cats have 1,000 times more data storage than an iPad.
A cat has five toes on his front paws, and four on the back, unless he’s a polydactyl.
Original kitty litter was made out of sand but it was replaced by more absorbent clay in 1948.
Abraham Lincoln kept four cats in the White House.
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