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Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel in 1952, but he declined.
Americans did not commonly use forks until after the Civil War.
An airplane mechanic invented Slinky while he was playing with engine parts and realized the possible secondary use for the springs.
An earthquake on Dec. 16, 1811 caused parts of the Mississippi River to flow backwards.
Because metal was scarce; the Oscars given out during World War II were made of plaster.
Before toilet paper was invented, French royalty wiped their bottoms with fine linen.
Canada is an Indian word meaning 'Big Village'.
Cleopatra married two of her brothers.
During World War II, Uncle Ben's was the exclusive supplier of rice to the U.S. Armed Forces.
Early Romans used to use porcupine quills as toothpicks.
George Washington grew marijuana in his garden.
In 1897, Bayer, who is the maker of Aspirin, marketed the drug heroin.
It costs about 3 cents to make a $1 bill in the United States.
King Kong was Adolf Hitler's favorite movie.
Nazi leader Adolf Hitler had only one testicle.
Pilgrims did not eat with forks. They only used spoons, knives and their fingers.
Q-Tip Cotton Swabs were originally called Baby Gays.
The first domain name ever registered was Symbolics.com.
The first product that Sony came out with was the rice cooker.
15 million gallons of wine were destroyed in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.
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