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Here are some interesting facts about the Presidents of the United States of America.
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Thomas Jefferson's father, Peter Jefferson, was a successful farmer as well as a skilled surveyor and cartographer who produced the first accurate map of the Province of Virginia.
Thomas Jefferson was 3rd of ten siblings.
Thomas Jefferson's favorite pastimes as a kid, were playing in the woods, practicing the violin and reading.
At the age of nine, Thomas Jefferson began studying Latin and Greek at a local private school run by the Reverend William Douglas.
From 1767-1774, Thomas Jefferson practiced law in Virginia with great success, trying many cases and winning most of them.
Thomas Jefferson met and fell in love with Martha Wayles Skelton, a recent widow and one of the wealthiest women in Virginia. They got married on January 1, 1772.
Lyndon B. Johnson was the 36th president of the United States.
Lyndon B. Johnson was born in Texas on August 27, 1908
Lyndon Baines Johnson's family had settled in Texas before the Civil War.
Lyndon B. Johnson was elected vice president of the United States in 1960.
Lyndon B. Johnson initiated the "Great Society" social service programs.
Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into law.
Lyndon B. Johnson's parents, Samuel Ealy Johnson Jr. and Rebekah Baines Johnson, had three girls and two boys.
Lyndon's father was a rancher and part-time politician but did not inherit the family's ranching talent and ran into financial difficulty, when Lyndon was in his early teens, his father lost the family farm.
Although Lyndon B. Johnson struggled in school, he managed to graduate from Johnson City High School in 1924.
Lyndon B. Johnson won an appointment as legislative secretary, in 1931, to Texas Democratic Congressman Richard M. Kleberg, he then relocated to Washington, D.C.
In 1934, Lyndon B. Johnson met Claudia Alta Taylor who ran his office for several years. She later bought a radio station and then a television station, which made the Johnsons wealthy.
Lyndon B. Johnson headed the space program, and oversaw negotiations on the nuclear test ban treaty.
On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated which was what lead Lyndon B. Johnson to be sworn in as the 36th president.
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