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A pipe 2 feet in diameter will allow four times more fluid to pass through it than a pipe 1 foot in diameter.
A rainbow can only be seen in the morning or late afternoon.
A single cup of gasoline, when ignited, has the same explosive power as five sticks of dynamite.
A small airplane can fly backwards.
All of the Earth's continents are wider at the north than in the south - and nobody knows why.
An ounce of platinum can be stretched 10,000 feet.
Any modern jet is capable of breaking the sound barrier.
Any space vehicle must move at a rate of 7 miles per second in order to escape the earth's gravitational pull.
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Approximately 115 tons of ocean salt spray enters the earth's atmosphere each second.
Approximately 70 percent of the earth is covered by water. Only 1 percent of this water is drinkable.
Astronauts cannot burp in space.
At 120 miles per hour, a Formula One car generates so much downforce that it can drive upside down on the roof of a tunnel.
At room temperature, the average air molecule travels at the speed of a rifle bullet.
By feeding hens certain dyes they can be made to lay eggs with multi-colored yolks.
By recycling just one glass bottle, the amount of energy that is being saved is enough to light a 100 watt bulb for four hours.
Cat urine glows under a black-light!
Cellophane is not made of plastic. It is made from a plant fiber, cellulose, which has been shredded and aged.
Children grow faster in the springtime than any other season during the year.
Cold water weighs more than hot water.
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